Mitchell South Dakota

When South Dakota Tourism reached out to me about taking a trip to Mitchell, South Dakota, I was so excited! Jake and I have been there a few times for work trips and I always thought the Corn Palace  was such a fun spot in Mitchell, so I was super excited to have kids come along this time! Jakes hours are pretty crazy during the summer so a weekend away was much needed! The kids don’t sleep great in hotels, so we decided to bring our camper since the kids are used to it (it’s really more of a “glamper”😉)  and Mitchell is only about 4 hours from where live. We ended up staying at Lake Mitchell Campground, right on the edge of town, and it worked out perfectly!

After arriving and setting up our camper, the kids needed to get some of their energy out so we decided to check out Lake Mitchell and the cute little park at the campground.



After we spent awhile checking out the beach and the park, we decided to go into town and walk around. We had plans to go to the Rodeo that evening but had some time before that started, so we ended up stopping for ice cream at a cute little shop in town, walking around outside the Corn Palace, and grabbing dinner. It was abnormally hot out so ice cream we definitely a nice treat and the kids had a blast exploring around.


After grabbing dinner, we went back to our camper and got ready for the rodeo. I told Eden about the rodeo when we found out a few weeks before our tripand it has been all she’s talked about since. She would go on and on about the horses, cows, and how she was going to ride a bull. Unfortunately, bull riding for Eden didn’t happen, but I can say with confidence that all her rodeo dreams came true (I guess minus her riding a bull) just being able to watch. We all had so much fun! I’ve never been to a rodeo myself, so it was such a fun experience! I love a fair atmosphere with smells of popcorn, corn dogs, and all the works, so this was right up my alley.


Naturally I had to get the kids cowboy boots as a rodeo isn’t something we go to very often. And I proudly wore my hat (definitely not a cowboy hat, but who could tell? Okay probably everyone)

FD5C0348-F32E-406B-BE47-5F0D2105D676BE49A384-69C4-4300-95F0-05E3A7026A04197417BF-4BDA-4860-AC2F-44B4CBADF3428F18E84E-46D0-4EB5-909F-0E87B701A6A91DEBE8D1-53FD-47AB-A3B0-96761ACFC649A661A984-DEEB-4D30-87BA-29C256710C2BAfter the rodeo was over we headed back to the camper for the night and rested up for another day of fun. We spent the next day going to a parade in the morning, exploring around downtown, playing by the beach at Lake Mitchell, and going to the Rodeo again! The kids had an absolute  blast at the parade and loved gathering all the candy that was thrown to them and seeing all the fun floats! When the parade was over, we decided to explore town before heading over to the Lake. We adventured around the Corn Palace a bit and checked out a few stores. They have the cutest antique stores, Ma & Pa shops, and restaurants scattered about the town!


Next stop- Lake Mitchell! We decided to bring a few snacks and have a picnic on the beach. We got a lot of sand everywhere but the kids had so much fun splashing in the water, running in the sand, and throwing rocks. We watched boats out on the water and jet skis flying by. The kids got soaked and got us wet as well, but goodness was it the perfect day to spend by the water.


After spending the day at the lake we headed back to the camper to take naps and rest up before spending our last few hours in Mitchell. I had my eye on a “Pepsi” wall that I found in town so we scooted over there and snapped a few photos by it before heading over the Rodeo.


We finished up our trip by heading back to the Rodeo before heading home. I didn’t take a lot of photos this evening because I really wanted to enjoy our last little bit of our trip and soak up this special time with the kids- but I couldn’t help but take a few snaps on my phone.


After the rodeo, Eden told me she still wants to ride a bull one day or “maybe a sheep instead.”

I’m so thankful for this super fun trip we got to take as a family exploring and enjoying all that Mitchell has to offer. If you ever have the chance to visit, spend the day, or just pass through- I would definitely recommend checking it out. It has all the amenities of a big city but with the charm of a small town! The restaurants are endless and you definitely won’t run out of things to do or explore! Thanks again to South Dakota Tourism for having us and as always, this post is sponsored but the opinions are certainly my own!

Xx Julianna


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