Hi Friends! Happy Friday! I’m so excited to get to talk to you about Smilo, a bottle brand that makes bottles, pacifiers, bottle brushes, and a few more accessories that I absolutely adore.

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Introducing your baby to a bottle can sometimes be such a frustrating and difficult process. Bottles come in so many variations of nipples with flows that differ from each other vastly. It can be so hard to choose from the endless selection and find one that caters to your babe. I remember having to try multiple bottles with Eden before finding one that she really liked- so I’m so thankful I stumbled across Smilo before having to try said endless selection with Finnley.

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Finnley is breastfed the majority of the time but will occasionally take a bottle if we’re out and about, if someone other than myself is watching him, or if Jake wants to feed him. I was so thankful to have found a bottle that he took to so easily, making our bottle feeding experience fuss free and stress free! They have a variety of bottles as your child grows as well, which is so nice not having to worry about finding another bottle brand once Finnley outgrows this size.

Smilo bottles are designed to mimic a mother’s breast which allows for 44% less air to slip through. This means less suction from your baby resulting in an easier latch, decrease in gas, and less ear infections! Finnley is quite a gassy baby which results in lots of late nights as I’m sure a lot of you mamas can relate. I love knowing that when he takes a bottle, gas isn’t going to be added issue for him!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

We also had the chance to try out their pacifiers which Finnley ended up loving as well! We always have to keep a pacifier in reach or Eden will scour the house in search for one at any sign of distress from “Tiny.” (Her nickname for Finnley.) “Oh no! Tinnyy!! Paccci?! Pacccci?!” Is said many times during the day in our house. Thankfully they make glow in the dark and bright colored pacis which makes them so easy to find! She is such an amazing big sister and absolutely loves helping her little brother feel better in any way she can. In the pictures below, Eden found a bottle on the table with what was left from when Jake fed Finnley and ran over to him and proceeded to feed him. I managed to snap a few shots before taking it away as it was just too cute!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

All their products are created by parents who double as scientists and doctors. They are BPA-free as well! I love standing behind products that I not only love but can feel good about supporting and Smilo is certainly a company I can feel good about supporting! If you have any questions about these bottles or pacifiers I would love to answer them! Feel free to DM me or comment below this post!







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