Picnics, Apple Picking, & Gathre

Picnics have become a favorite of Eden and I’s- especially since we discovered the wonders of a Gathre mat! It’s so nice to be able to enjoy the fresh air, enjoy lunch without the mess that comes with eating inside, and play all at the same time. Eden has become such a little busy bee that I often find that she doesn’t eat as well being confined to her high chair. Obviously eating in her high chair is something she’s learning to be okay with but on nice days is so fun to be able to bring everything outside and get some of her energy out while having lunch.

The temperatures have been staying around a steady 70 degrees which has been absolutely beautiful for picnics! Our property is currently full of wildflowers so we often plant ourselves next to a batch of them and pick them while we play at eat.

We also have a patch of apple trees on our property that are finally ready to eat! This has become a recent favorite spot for us as well- Eden adores picking the apples, munching on them, and filling her little basket as she plays.

Our Gathre mat has been a favorite when it comes to picnics and playing outside. It’s so nice to be able to have a place to eat that also cleans up SO easy. With blankets, you have to be selective about where you lay them so they don’t get covered in dirt put in a place that will be uncomfortable to sit on. With our gathre mat I never have to worry about where to lay it as it rinses clean with water- you can even just hose it down! It’s also made of leather so it’s thick enough to be comfortable wherever it’s placed!

Some of our favorite uses for our gathre mats are- picnics, picking apples, beach days, pool days, playing in the yard, and flower picking. We also have a changing mat and a mat that goes under our high chairs down I just adore them both!

I took too many pictures to post of us having a picnic and picking apples with our Gathre mat that I thought it would be fun to share them here!

Thanks for following along!
(PS- this blog post isn’t sponsored whatsoever- we just adore our Gathre mats!)


(Links to picture details on bottom)










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Apple picking picture details:

Gathre Mat – Honey

Eden’s Small Basket

Mae Woven Bag

Eden’s Socks (shop will open again Sept 8th)

Eden’s Outfit

Eden’s Shoes

My Dress

My Shoes


Picnic Picture Details:

Hazel Village Fawn Doll


Eden’s Bow

My Dress

My Shoes



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